Two Days On

I wanted to say a little about what I eat.

Most days I have bacon and egg for breakfast. The first few days I was grilling the bacon out of habit and frying the egg in a little coconut oil. Now, I fry the bacon in a mixture of coconut oil and butter… yummy butter! Did I mention that I love butter? And then I fry the egg (sometimes eggs… but it depends on how well Betty and Millie are doing at producing them!) in whatever is left in the frying pan. Oh and I have to say.. I had forgotten how good fried bacon tastes!

My lunches could be anything from a chicken and olive salad at the pub, to a ham and cheese sandwich. “Ha!” I hear you say “Sandwich is bread and bread is carbs.” Well that is true unless you have substituted the bread with nice lettuce leaves! Today my lunch was some ham, cheese and full fat coleslaw and that kept me going all afternoon.

Dinner. Well tonight I had some left over roast chicken with lettuce, a little parsley, some sprouted mung beans and some full fat coleslaw (I was feeling a little lazy so it was leftovers). On other days I have had belly pork with broccoli and marrow or brussels sprouts, a nice loin chop or two with buttered veggies, or cold meat and cheese platter with some pâté and again full fat coleslaw – I am trying to break the coleslaw habit but it’s so much easier than cooking. Of course the coleslaw has to come in at under 5% carbs to be any good for me.

And for dessert… raspberries or blueberries absolutely smothered in 40+% fat double cream 🙂

To break up the monotony a little I have bought myself a book today called “George Stella’s Livin’ Low Carb”, so am hoping to have lots of different recipes to try. I am also planning to add some raw foods and smoothies for a little variation.

Weighed myself this morning – 6 days into the new regime and I have lost 7lbs. That’s an amazing half a stone in just 6 days. A lot of that will be water I am sure, as my liquid intake has fallen the last couple of days and the swelling in my ankles has greatly reduced! Of course, I won’t have any blood glucose tests to check my progress until December/January time but I think they can only back up the results I am already seeing.

All in all I am pretty amazed at the difference just 6 days can make.


2 thoughts on “Two Days On

  1. Wow Lesley! 7 pounds? Good on you! I have Type 2 diabetes for which I have been prescribed Metformin. I only use the pills when necessary…mostly just watch my diet. But eggs and bacon and full fat coleslaw? YUM!!!! I haven’t had the nerve to try the low carb route. Though I’ve lost over 60 pounds in the last 18 months or so…I still have another 20-30 I’d like to lose but can’t seem to break this plateau. However, I detested every moment of that diet. Would LOVE to know more about your food plan. Seriously, can you refer me to some info?
    Still thinking of you and your family…hope everyone is holding up:(

  2. Hi Denise, there are a few references in my first blog post “Diabetes and Food”, but it all started from seeing lots of people on the diabetes forum who were controlling their diabetes through diet. I will be posting my progress on here and also any scientific stuff I come across. Hope it helps you, but at the end of the day you have to decide for yourself and hopefully your physician will support you in the decisions you make. 🙂

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