Keto Flu

This week I experienced Keto Flu. Most definitely flu-like symptoms, hot and cold, fatigue, inability to get out of bed – oh hang on, I suffer the last of those most work days! But seriously, I felt very, very unwell on Monday, slightly improved on Tuesday and almost normal today. Fortunately I spotted an article on Keto Flu on Tuesday so I knew it wouldn’t last too long. Did I feel like eating carbs? No, I didn’t really feel like eating much at all.

In Facebook I follow a page called KetoLiving and they have many interesting articles in favour, of course, of a low carb diet. Today they linked to an article on Carbs, Sugar Linked With Cognitive Impairment Risk In Elderly: Study which showed that a low carb high fat diet was linked with lower instances of mild cognitive impairment in subjects aged 70 to 89. If that’s not another good reason for changing my eating habits then I don’t know what is! I don’t know about you, but I am terrified by the thought of developing Alzheimers later in life.


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