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Today one of my daughters let me know that she is not impressed by me changing my lifestyle and go LCHF in an attempt to control my diabetes. She thinks (rightly so) that I am going against the advise of health professionals  and (wrongly I believe) will make myself more sick by doing so. So for you Debbie, I have written this particular blog. If you can follow the same route I have, and not come to the same conclusions I would be very, very surprised.

Since discovering that I have diabetes I have read a number of books on the subject of diabetes and diet. The first thing I read was the folder of information supplied by my diabetes nurse which made for scary reading and left me with a number of unanswered questions and a certainty that diabetic was not what I wanted to be. Unfortunately, once you have it, it’s with you for life. So I set about looking for answers and I think I have found some. Only time will tell if I am right or not but what I read makes sense.

Of course, I have doubts. I have been indoctrinated in the ‘low fat high carb’ way of eating for the past 30 years so turning my diet on its head is worrying. However, I have seen changes in just these three months that cannot be attributed to anything other than my change in diet.

Firstly, water retention all gone, then the thing on my leg stopped spreading and started fading although it’s still got a way to go, my mood has improved, I am starting to feel happier and healthier, I have lost somewhere between 11 and 16 lbs in weight (it varies slightly but the general trend is down) and finally I have dropped a dress size. If that is topped off by a good blood glucose result next month then who is to say I am doing the wrong thing.

Don’t take my word for it though folks; I am going against the advise of my diabetes professional and I would not recommend that for anyone else. What I would say is do your own research, draw your own conclusions and be responsible for your own health.

If you are interested in the research I have done so far…

Books I have read are:

Why we get fat and what we can do about it – Gary Taubes

The Diabetes Diet – Richard K Bernstein

Living Low Carb – Jonny Bowden


I am currently reading:

The Obesity Epidemic – Zoe Harcombe

Diet 101 – Jenny Ruhl


On my bookshelf still to read are:

The diabetes solution – Richard K Bernstein

Blood Sugar 101 – Jenny Ruhl


I have also done a lot of surfing the Internet and favourite sites include:


And of course YouTube:

Big Fat Lies

Enjoy Eating Saturated Fats

The Food Revolution



One thought on “My Research

  1. Hi! Have you ever read “there is a cure for Diabetes: the tree of life 21+ program”? I’m about to read it now after seeing the documentary “simply raw: reversing diabetes in 30 days”, it’s breathtaking!!!! You can find it on the internet and watch it for free. I’m a futur naturopath looking for a simple way to cure diabetes (I know it’s curable). Your diet might be working since you’ve cut off almost all your carbs, the problem is that your high animal protein and fat diet might cause you other problems (when animal proteins are digested they leave toxins for instance). And do you get all the nutriments your body need to get its immune system up and run or are you only putting your body on hold? If you want to get cured, you must not only cut on the carbs but also give your body all the tools it can get to heal itself (vitamins, minerals, low stress, exercice, a fulfilling life, etc….). Please let me know how it goes for you, I would really like to hear from you! I don’t have diabetes myself, but someone I really care for has and I would like to do everything I can to help her! My e-mail is : . Cheers, Silje (Celia) 🙂

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