What If I Am Wrong?

It’s getting close to the time I must have another blood glucose test and it marks the end of my 3-month trial of a LCHF diet. So, what if I am wrong?

Well, I have had three months of eating fatty food and very little carb, the benefits I have noticed include my weight loss, not a huge loss (but then I still probably eat too much if you think of food as calories) but I have also gone down a dress size in clothing. I am a UK size 20 now and at my biggest I was a 26/28! My hair is healthier, and I think it is less grey than it was, though this might be a figment of my imagination. My skin also appears healthier. I do sleep longer given the chance, I am not sure if that is a good thing but my theory is that my body now has the building blocks to do some repair work so needs me to sleep. Water retention in my legs has almost all gone, and my knees are less creaky.

However, this does not mean that my blood glucose is better controlled and that is the object of the exercise.. so what will I do if I am wrong?

What are the possible scenarios…

1. Blood glucose flat-lined at a nice healthy or at least much healthier than previously level.

2. Blood glucose slightly improved.

3. Blood glucose stayed the same, no improvement or deterioration.

4. Blood glucose level is higher, showing a marked deterioration in my condition.

I guess if it’s a 4.. then I change back to the recommended diet.

1, 2 or 3 and I stay LCHF, and see what the results are in June.

Found a good talk on sugar today. Its 90 minutes long so you need to make time to watch it but you wont regret doing so.

Sugar, the bitter truth



My Research

Today one of my daughters let me know that she is not impressed by me changing my lifestyle and go LCHF in an attempt to control my diabetes. She thinks (rightly so) that I am going against the advise of health professionals  and (wrongly I believe) will make myself more sick by doing so. So for you Debbie, I have written this particular blog. If you can follow the same route I have, and not come to the same conclusions I would be very, very surprised.

Since discovering that I have diabetes I have read a number of books on the subject of diabetes and diet. The first thing I read was the folder of information supplied by my diabetes nurse which made for scary reading and left me with a number of unanswered questions and a certainty that diabetic was not what I wanted to be. Unfortunately, once you have it, it’s with you for life. So I set about looking for answers and I think I have found some. Only time will tell if I am right or not but what I read makes sense.

Of course, I have doubts. I have been indoctrinated in the ‘low fat high carb’ way of eating for the past 30 years so turning my diet on its head is worrying. However, I have seen changes in just these three months that cannot be attributed to anything other than my change in diet.

Firstly, water retention all gone, then the thing on my leg stopped spreading and started fading although it’s still got a way to go, my mood has improved, I am starting to feel happier and healthier, I have lost somewhere between 11 and 16 lbs in weight (it varies slightly but the general trend is down) and finally I have dropped a dress size. If that is topped off by a good blood glucose result next month then who is to say I am doing the wrong thing.

Don’t take my word for it though folks; I am going against the advise of my diabetes professional and I would not recommend that for anyone else. What I would say is do your own research, draw your own conclusions and be responsible for your own health.

If you are interested in the research I have done so far…

Books I have read are:

Why we get fat and what we can do about it – Gary Taubes

The Diabetes Diet – Richard K Bernstein

Living Low Carb – Jonny Bowden


I am currently reading:

The Obesity Epidemic – Zoe Harcombe

Diet 101 – Jenny Ruhl


On my bookshelf still to read are:

The diabetes solution – Richard K Bernstein

Blood Sugar 101 – Jenny Ruhl


I have also done a lot of surfing the Internet and favourite sites include:





And of course YouTube:

Big Fat Lies

Enjoy Eating Saturated Fats

The Food Revolution


The Case for Carbohydrate Restriction In Diabetes | Paleo Diabetic

The Case for Carbohydrate Restriction In Diabetes | Paleo Diabetic.

MB900402413In 1797, Dr. John Rollo (a surgeon in the British Royal Artillery) published a book entitled An Account of Two Cases of the Diabetes Mellitus. He discussed his experience treating a diabetic Army officer, Captain Meredith, with a high-fat, high-meat, low-carbohydrate diet. Mind you, this was an era devoid of effective drug therapies for diabetes.

The soldier apparently had type 2 diabetes rather than type 1.

Read more here

Two Months In

For two months I have been living a LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) lifestyle and wanted to catch you up with how I am doing.

Firstly, I am doing this because I do not want the complications that come with uncontrolled blood glucose levels, so my main aim is to keep my blood glucose within “normal” levels or at least as close to normal as I can get with type 2 diabetes. Now, I don’t actually know how I am doing on that front as at present I am trying to  “eat to my meter” when I don’t own one! However, I am due to have a blood test with my diabetes nurse in the next month or so and that will give me an idea of how I have been doing.

My weight is still heading downwards at a crawl. I have lost 10 lbs in two months but I think I probably over indulge in double cream – I do get through rather a lot of it. Having said that, I am finding it quite easy to stay off the carbs. Yes, I do get some days when I could be tempted but I try to have a high fat snack to ward off the temptation and I have been doing pretty well.

I have been doing lots of reading. The first book I read was by Gary Taubes, ‘Why We Get Fat’. Gary also has a website here which I just discovered but which I am sure will have lots of interesting material. Since then I have read The Diabetes Diet by Richard K Bernstein MD a type 1 diabetic himself and have started using some of the recipes in his book. He has another book ‘Diabetes Solution’ which is on my reading list. Another book I am about 75% of the way through is Living Low Carb by Jonny Bowden, an interesting tome but I was put off by the amount of supplements he recommends. I have never been a huge fan of supplements. And finally I have a couple of books by Jenny Ruhl. I have started ‘The Truth bout Low Carb Diets’, and still have ‘What They Don’t Tell You About Diabetes’ on my reading list.

One thing I am really falling down on is exercise! I have never been overly fond of doing any and this awful weather we have been having has not made me want to get out there and do some.

Christmas is just around the corner and that will be a challenge for me as I have my family coming over for Christmas day so will be cooking  dinner. I will need to get some ideas on what to cook. I know one thing, it wont be turkey!

Primal Living

I have been looking/reading a lot since I decided to go low carb, and I have been very impressed by the Primal Lifestyle.  If you want to have a look into it, I suggest you start somewhere like Marks Daily Apple on Facebook. A daily blog on going/living primal.

He also has a daily newsletter (with a number of give-aways) that you can find here 

It is probably too high in fruit for me as a diabetic, but for those with a healthy insulin production system and a wish to regain brilliant good health you should look into Primal. Our ancestors thrived on it, it is modern living that is killing us.

Good luck in your quest.



How Am I Doing?

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last did a blog post so I thought it would be nice to update you on how I am doing – bet you thought I had slipped off the wagon and hence was not updating my blog!

Well the news is really that there is no news! Yes I did slip off the wagon slightly… last Friday! I ate two Jaffa Cakes. According to my little carb counter they have 7.3 grams of carbohydrate each so added almost 15 grams of carbs to my diet that day (which would still leave me way under 60g).

Apart from that little slip up, I have eaten low carb high fat every single day since I started at the beginning of October, have easily been able to resist carbs in any form and in fact, out of pure curiosity, I checked one day how much carbohydrate I had eaten in that day and it stood at 13.9g in total.

What I don’t really know is, am I doing it right? What effect is it having on my blood glucose etc.? All I know is that I feel more satisfied on less bulk and am not then hungry again a half hour later.

Hopefully this is all doing my diabetes the world of good. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Weight-wise, after the first week when I lost 7 lbs I didn’t lose any further weight until this week when I have lost a further 1 lb. However that’s a very happy 1 lb for me as it puts my weight under 17 stone for the first time in more years than I care to think about. 😀

Currently I am reading “Living Low Carb” by Jeremy Bowden PhD, CNS. It makes very interesting reading and if you can get hold of a cheap copy I thoroughly recommend reading it.

One thing that has been worrying me a little is the amount of fruit juice that the youngest generation are given as a “healthy” drink; and I am equally guilty of supplying it. It is so hard to overcome the diet mentality of the past 30 plus years in that even whilst becoming more and more convinced that LCHF is the way forward for me, I still can’t convince myself that it would be right for my grandchildren. For them I am still buying into the high carb, low-fat diet that I am increasingly aware is the worst thing we can do. How the mind does play tricks on us!

I have really surprised myself that I have carried this through as long as I have, almost a month now and no (apart from 2 Jaffa Cakes) sliding off the rails.

Oh, and I have lost a half-inch off my waist. A small amount so far but definitely in the right direction.

Keto Flu

This week I experienced Keto Flu. Most definitely flu-like symptoms, hot and cold, fatigue, inability to get out of bed – oh hang on, I suffer the last of those most work days! But seriously, I felt very, very unwell on Monday, slightly improved on Tuesday and almost normal today. Fortunately I spotted an article on Keto Flu on Tuesday so I knew it wouldn’t last too long. Did I feel like eating carbs? No, I didn’t really feel like eating much at all.

In Facebook I follow a page called KetoLiving and they have many interesting articles in favour, of course, of a low carb diet. Today they linked to an article on Carbs, Sugar Linked With Cognitive Impairment Risk In Elderly: Study which showed that a low carb high fat diet was linked with lower instances of mild cognitive impairment in subjects aged 70 to 89. If that’s not another good reason for changing my eating habits then I don’t know what is! I don’t know about you, but I am terrified by the thought of developing Alzheimers later in life.